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Reporting and Communication

For your marketing campaigns to really deliver measurable value your business needs clear and easy to understand dital marketing reports. We create and connect your business goals with what you’ve hired us to do – whether we’re working on SEO, CRM Automation or a PPC campaign, we let the data guide us. AYU Digital is here to help.

Custom analytics setup

Live campaign dashboards

Transparent accurate reporting

Our Services.

We use data to hypothesise, strategise, execute and optimise your digital campaigns.
We’re here for you, your brand, and your continued online success.


Metrics and Objective Setting

Clear objective setting create more profitable campaigns for any business. We take the time to launch adverting campaigns that understand and are optimised towards your sales and marketing objectives.


CRM Contact Tracking

Contact management allows businesses likes yours to leverage a wide range of customer data throughout every step of your digital marketing plan. We offer CRM once-off or recurring services which provide actionable insights, integrating with social media and amplifying team communication.


PPC Campaign Tracking

Tracking your PPC campaigns gives our marketing team real-time touch points that anticipates and actions for your campaigns on the fly. We cover traffic, lead and ecommerce tracking projects in-house.


Analytics Measurement Plans

Analytics measurement plans are central to many roles and provides meaning to patterns in data. We provide unbiased analytical services that discover, interpret and communicate meaningful answers to the evolving journey your customers take.


Website Event Tracking

Uncovering the key touch points your visitors engage with on your website is crucial to providing a wonderful customer journey into your business. Our services cover in house website user-behaviour tracking.


Custom Dashboard Setup

Whether it’s owned, earned or paid media traffic, our reports provide insightful media metrics that measure wins & success in one report. Armed with the right data we can determine where the best ROAS is coming from and optimise towards it faster.


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We take great pride in our work, are extremely competitive and believe in building long term relationships with our clients. Read through our case studies below for a glimpse into the work we do and results we have achieved.

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