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Digital Marketing Strategy

We understand some are just starting the whole digital marketing process, others are already exploring loyalty programs and scaling their online spend. For your business to really go places, your brilliant ideas need measurable objectives, goals and metrics to complete the picture and add even more chance of success. AYU Digital is here to help.

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We use data to hypothesise, strategise, execute and optimise your digital campaigns.
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Online Marketing Strategy

Online marketing strategies increase competitiveness by using innovative campaigns to transform your business’s offerings. We drill down into metrics that align with business growth goals while providing smart solutions in a rapidly changing world.


Customer Retention Strategies

Customer Retention Strategies are the sustained efforts to reduce the number of customer defections. The goal of our programs is to help you retain as many customers through loyalty-based initiatives through research, data and technology


Lead Generation Programs

Lead Generation Programs create interest and stimulate desire within your ideal target audience. Our programs map sales and marketing leads to their sources and are optimised to achieve your larger business goals and objectives


Analytics Measurement Plans

Analytics measurement plans are central to many roles and provides meaning to patterns in data. We provide unbiased analytical services that discover, interpret and communicate meaningful answers to the evolving journey your customers take.


Lead Nurturing Systems

Lead Nurturing Systems develop lasting relationships with key accounts, contacts and customers. Through listening, tracking and communicating with your buyers we assist your business with identifying areas to increase the lifetime value of your hard-won leads


ROAS Objective Setting

Return on advertising spend controls the value you place on transactions and leads generated online. Every campaign we launch is evaluated by its measurable value and we continually seek to audit, attribute and unlock key areas to higher campaign performance


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We take great pride in our work, are extremely competitive and believe in building long term relationships with our clients. Read through our case studies below for a glimpse into the work we do and results we have achieved.

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