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We are a Certified Google Partner which enables businesses like yours to find new and existing customers that are searching online to satisfy their needs and wants. When half of all search clicks are awarded to the top three paid ads you require the best possible return on your marketing spend. AYU Digital is here to help.

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PPC Advertising Strategies

Advertising on a PPC platform means you only pay for the clicks you want, from the customers that fit your businesses goals. Work with us on your advertising strategy from placements, keywords and landing pages to selecting the right creative – all the while maximising your ROI.


Remarketing Creative Design

PPC Remarketing campaigns are gentle reminders to your prospects and customers that over time increase the number of opportunities to engage with your business. The core benefit of a well crafted remarketing creative and message is reminding people to finish what they initially intended.


SEM Lead Generation

Search Engine Marketing is the collection of all marketing activities performed within a search engine browser. Potential customers are already in-market to find answers, products and information online and our fine-tuned expertise delivers your adverts directly in-front of your audience at the right moment.


Conversion Tracking Implementation

Conversion tracking plans are central to uncovering the hidden meanings behind your customer’s intentions. With our team setting up your conversion tracking you give PPC platforms (like Google) to better utilize their proprietary algorithms alongside your online and offline conversions – as signals to better qualify where and when your advert will appear to the right person.


CRM Lead Nurturing

Getting more leads from PPC campaigns is just half the battle. We provide high-quality marketing qualified leads (MQL) with consent-given custom fields within your CRM of choice. Our focus is ensuring ever step of the prospects journey is tracked, optimized scored over their lifetime with your business.


ROAS Shopping Feeds

Shopping ads on search engines have out-placed and out-performed traditional text and display adverts. Let us assist your business with providing immediate access to in-market customers with your best-selling products. We provide proactive shopping feed management – optimized for high-impact placements on the most popular shopping networks.



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