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Reefton Distilling Co

Facebook Ads campaign implementation and management


Reefton Distilling Co. is a distillery based on the rugged West Coast of the South Island, New Zealand. Their first flagship product is Little Biddy Gin. The distilling process utilises native botanicals and fresh rainwater to produce a gin that has quickly become a favourite to many Gin lovers.


RDC came to Ayu Digital needing Facebook and Google Ads launched rather urgently in the lead up to a long weekend, just as New Zealand had entered their stage 4 lockdown for COVID19. Online sales had been slow but steady. The business had built up a good social following on Facebook and Instagram and had a solid base of loyal customers and brand ambassadors. People who’ve tried their products rave about them on social media so one of the aims with the campaigns was to reach a new audience and leverage this positive feedback to drive sales.


After setting up the pixel and conversion tracking, ‘website conversion’ campaigns were set up on Facebook Ads. We split the audiences out by age and gender and layered some interest targeting. We also built out several retargeting audiences so we could show ads to website visitors and page fans and exclude purchasers.

On Google Ads we launched search, shopping and display campaigns. With search and shopping we reached users searching for keywords like ‘new zealand gin’, ‘botanical gin’, ‘craft gin’ and many more. With the display ads we targeted affinity audiences of ‘foodies’ and ‘luxury shoppers’.

A reporting dashboard was set up to monitor performance and some early optimisations made to tweak targeting and adjust copy and creative.


Results on Facebook Ads were instant with over forty thousand dollars in sales at 2,300% return on ad spend in the first week. On Google ads we saw a return on ad spend of over 1,600% in the first week. The lockdown situation in New Zealand provided the perfect conditions for the campaigns to do well and we were able to take full advantage by acting quickly.

We built on this early success with detailed audience set up. By building out audiences of purchasers, non-purchasers, page visitors and newsletter subscribers we’ve been able to further refine the campaigns and drive results.

"In the first month of running campaigns our sales skyrocketed and we had return on advertising spend of over 1,500%. AYU Digital provide clear, easy to understand reports with metrics that matter to us, and are always available when we want a sounding board for new campaigns. It’s like having them sitting in the next office."

Patsy Bass, Reefton Distilling Co Founder

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