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Rugged Industries

Helping a Sydney vacuum cleaner engineering business launch a new brand and compete with established retailers online.


Rugged Industries have a long history in vacuum cleaner engineering and were one of the pioneers of cyclonic vacuum technology. Prior to releasing the Rugged Advantage vacuum Rugged Industries had been designing, engineering and producing vacuum cleaner motors and parts for other vacuum brands.


Rugged Industries came to AYU Digital with a brand new product and a website with almost zero traffic. Their new backpack vacuum cleaner was designed for light commercial cleaning and as an alternative to an existing brand that has considerable market penetration and brand awareness. The new ‘Rugged Advantage’ vacuum had several features that made it stand out and we needed to find a way to do this.


Step one was to get the new vacuum ranking on Google for it’s brand name. This was done through onsite SEO optimisation and Google Ads. We followed this up with a combination of ads across Google’s network. Google search and shopping to capture intent. And Google Display Remarketing and Youtube Remarketing to show people the key benefits of the product. We also introduced Facebook ads to promote the product to people in the commercial cleaning industry. 


The first 3 months was slow going as it took time to establish reviews and client feedback across review sites and social media channels. But once we had a good base of reviews and positive comments on our social media posts the conversion rate started to pick up and sales started to come in more regularly.

6 months after launching the first campaigns monthly website user numbers were up to 1,000 and monthly sales at $4,000. 6 months on, monthly users are over 4,500 and monthly revenue over $15,000. The owner has just received several orders from a well known commercial cleaning franchise and has entered into a deal with them to sell machines to franchisees. In his words, he “couldn’t have done it without our help.” 

"The work James and his team at AYU Digital have done has opened up a whole new B2C market for Rugged Industries. It is invaluable having a digital agency who I know have my best interests at heart and I feel I can rely on them for honest advice and recommendations. I’m so glad I found them! "

Tibor Frei, Rugged Industries Founder

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