The Road Trip

Taking a New Zealand tour operator from one guide to twenty with lead generation through Google Ads.


The Road Trip was founded by a young New Zealand tour guide who saw a gap in the market for highly customised tours of New Zealand with a private guide and driver. He started out doing all of the planning, booking and guiding himself with most new customers coming from travel agency contacts or his listing on Tourism New Zealand’s website. 


When The Road Trip first approached AYU Digital they had an existing website and had just set up a Google Ads campaign. Their existing website wasn’t getting much traffic outside of a few referrals and the Google Ads campaign wasn’t delivering any enquiries. There was no goal tracking or proper measurement in place.


After installing goal tracking for website enquiries we set up and launched several Google Search campaigns targeting the top 10 countries for high value travel to New Zealand with keywords related to New Zealand tours. We started with a broad list of keywords and quickly refined based on search terms reports and data that was fed back through campaign reporting. Campaigns were optimised based on conversion data gathered and we soon saw a steady stream of quality enquiries and tours booked.


In 12 months The Road Trip saw users increase 127%, enquiries increase 101%, bookings increase 114% and cost per enquiry decrease 17%.

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